Pinterest has helped individuals discover DIYs, recipes, products they enjoy, how-tos, and thousands of other random items since 2010. It’s both a creative outlet and the dream of a marketer, meaning you can learn in multiple ways how to make money on Pinterest.

But here’s the thing about Pinterest making money… Pinterest knows how strong the platform is, and they’ve been constantly making improvements to protect the experience of its users. Changes have arisen in affiliate marketing, running tournaments, etc.

Many individuals who learned how to make money on Pinterest had to change their methods, but the improvements have honestly made things easier for everyone. The quality is getting stronger, and there is a more genuine experience for everybody.

There are 100% legal, non-spammy ways to make money on Pinterest, despite the modifications.

For bloggers, virtual assistants, affiliate marketing directly through Pinterest, and more, there are opportunities.

1. To win an audience and make money, re-pin the pins of others.
Pinterest is a social network, so being involved is the simplest way to get people to re-pin your pins. Pin the pins of others, especially those people in your target audience. They’re going to note you, and maybe even start monitoring your boards.

2. Make money by teaching other Pinterest strategies.
A small industry has grown around it as Pinterest continues to expand, with individuals creating tools to assist users of Pinterest.

After you’ve been effectively using Pinterest for a while, consider making money by teaching others your strategies. Create e-books and courses that teach what you have learned.

So there you got it with Pinterest, seven successful ways to make money. When you become involved on the network, you’ll also build more tactics of your own.

3. Follow your passion, create and sell to an audience.
What are you enthusiastic about? You can make money if people are investing money in a place you enjoy.

Let’s say you’re a junkie at fitness. You love to be fit and to remain fit. You choose a target audience: women who want to be fit and desirable in their twenties. Build a Pinterest account and boards that will draw this crowd.

Get your boards to follow, and build a mailing list. There are a million followers and more among some keen Pinterest users. You don’t need your account to have that many followers to sell to your audience. Do not worry if you do not know what to sell. Marketers will contact you with deals once you have a couple of thousand followers.

4. Select a business to promote, and ask for sponsorship.
Target a group and as we discussed above, create your Pinterest followers. Then choose businesses selling goods that cater to your audience.

You might approach businesses that sell gym equipment or sports drinks while sticking with our “fitness” audience.

Share the statistics of your Pinterest account with the businesses you approach, and request support. Offer them a deal: for a year, they can use their brand on your account.

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5. Promote goods for affiliates.
Many businesses want associates that for a small fee on the sales that result, will market their goods. Find businesses that can support goods you can sell, and sign up as an affiliate. Then advertise the goods, using your affiliate links, on your boards.

About Spamming. Pinterest regularly takes action against marketing spammers from affiliates. Link your pins to your own website, where you can use affiliate links if you get caught up in this.